Council Services & Amenities

The Parish Council provides the community with the following services and amenities:

Street Furniture

The Council provide three parish notice boards and two dog litter bins and Cornwall Council is responsible for the bin emptying.

Public Rights of Way 

The Council contracts for the cutting of footpaths and bridleways across the parish, based on a grading system of gold, silver or bronze standard paths.

Gold paths requiring 1 cut per year total approximately 210 metres in length, gold requiring 2 cuts per year total approximately 9053 metres in length, stiles and gates requiring 1 cut are judged at one, and those requiring 2 cuts per year at 73.

The Parish Council may alter the cutting requirements at its own discretion, either within the LMP budget or by providing additional funding from its own resources.

The Glebe

The Council leases this from the Diocese of Truro.